Z. P. H. AGROMIX has been established by Roman Szewczyk in 1988, in Niepołomice, South of Poland.

From the very beginning our company’s mission was to provide agriculture with original, scientifically proven products of the highest quality, ranking first on the market in terms of efficacy and safety. Thanks to extensive research cooperation with national research institutions, especially with the University of Life Sciences in Poznań, Agromix has developed over time the complete, world class, innovative portfolio of multifunctional adjuvants.

First products from the pipeline were dedicated to foliar herbicides, later to soil-applied herbicides, and recently also for fungicides and insecticides. Our company also developed highly effective modifying adjuvants, which improve preparation and application of spray solutions, as well as effective and safe agents for sprayers cleaning, indispensable on every farm.

After the recent 4 years of intensive development work, AGROMIX enters a new decade with an even more perfected new product line (“Premium”) that has been made available to farmers since 2021.

Developing and production of top-efficacy, environment friendly but scientifically proven adjuvants that are tailored to specific groups of pesticides as well as entire crop protection programmes, remains a primary goal for our team.

Agromix also produces microelement fertilizers and provides formulation service to several phytopharmaceutical companies.

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