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30226 AGR katalog2021 19b 1

Anty-Dryft Maxx

Multicomponent and multifunctional aSpray drift control agent / drift retardant for multiple agrochemicals

USE Anty-Drift Maxx prevents off-site movement of pesticide spray droplets from the treated area by wind and temperature inversion. It can be used with practically any of crop protection products.

ACTIVITY reduces formation of tiny, drift-able droplets (< 100 micrometers) formed during the spray and thus ensures significantly more a.s. on target while limiting escapes of the most prone droplets from the treated area. 


  • up to 20% more spraying droplets deployed on the treated area vs. being deployed off site 
  • higher efficacy of applied pesticides 
  • better penetration of crop canopy by spray droplets 
  • reduced risk of adjacent crop injury or/and contamination  
  • reduced pollution of the environment: air, water, natural, residential and recreation areas  

APPLICATION RATES 0,1-0,125% (0,1-0,125 L per 100 L of spray mixture).